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1 Patriots – So what else is new, did you expect anything different?

2 Chiefs – “D” needs work but who’s going to beat them in a shootout?

3 Rams – It was close, but still a nice win going left coast to right against a solid competitor.

4 Saints – “D” need 30:00 to find itself, but, oh, that second half.

5 Cowboys – As impressive as anyone on opening day, but it was the Giants.

6 Chargers – Bolts have a lot to clean up, but apparently running back won’t be the problem.

7 Eagles – So they missed their wakeup call, but once they got going, it was impressive.

8 Vikings – That was the team we thought we’d get last year, now let’s see how they age.

9 Texans – Every once in a while, style points count and that last TD from Watson to Stills was pure gold.

10 Seahawks – Bengals shouldn’t have been that hard but they got it in the W column.

11 Packers – It was ugly as it gets but going on the road in that environment and stealing one makes them interesting

12 Bears – Offense was pathetic, but it can’t be that bad and, oh that “D,” better than last year?

13 Ravens – I know Ravens fans and Jackson don’t want to hear it, but need to see them play an NFL Team.

14 Titans – They surprised us all, now how good are they if not gifted with 18 penalties – 182 yards.

15 Colts – Brissett was fine, run game outstanding – it was the awful “D” we didn’t see coming.

16 Panthers – Opener about what we expected, but what happens without 200-plus scrimmage yards, two TDs from McCaffrey?

17 Falcons – They can’t be that bad, are they?

18 Steelers – They can’t be that bad, are they?

19 Bills – Huge comeback win on the road, but lots of help from Jets and for three quarters, they were awful.

20 Raiders – Very impressive opener, but still don’t see the talent to move them higher yet.

21 Bengals – Cincy was actually much tougher than anyone predicted, but you have to get the “W.”

22 Lions – For three quarters, they looked great, but fourth quarter and OT will keep them in NFC North cellar.

23 Jaguars – With Foles gone for at least first half of season, Jags redemption will have to wait another year.

24 Washington – Actually, much better than we expected, but were they really good for a while or Eagles just snoozing?

25 Browns – It’s hard to believe they were that bad but it was how you spell U G L Y.

26 Broncos – Two different teams first half and second, let’s see which one shows up next week?

27 49ers – Yeah, they went coast-to-coast and won, but It was two teams trying to lose in a slop-fest.

28 Jets – Got their money’s worth out of Bell and Moseley, but is there more than them there?

29 Giants – A flash here and there, but they just don’t have the horses.

30 Buccaneers – Hard to imagine an Arians offense being that sloppy, “D” actually had a few moments.

31 Cardinals – Everyone will talk about the fourth quarter and OT, but did you see the first three?

32 Dolphins – After Week 1 and for the foreseeable future this is all that’s certain.

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