Westlake-South Beauregard

The Westlake Rams are hoping last week’s win over then top-10 Lake Charles College Prep is only the beginning.

“We are hoping we can turn things around,” Westlake head coach John Richardson said. “We have been close but we just kept making mistakes between penalties and turnovers that cost us games. 

“We were finally able to put a game together and play well for four quarters. We feel like if we can do that, we will have a chance again this week.”

Such a turn around it not unheard of because the Rams have done it before. Back in 2010, the Rams started off 0-5, similar to this season’s 0-4 start, then reeled off five consecutive wins, a district championship and playoff birth.

The Rams will see if they turn last week’s win into a winning streak when they travel to Longville to face South Beauregard in a District 4-3A game today.

The Golden Knights have lost three consecutive games but have a unique offense that can catch teams off guard.

“They are huddling but it is kind of strange,” Richardson said. “I have not really seen anyone do this before. 

“The center goes up there and gets on the football and then the other 10 people basically sprint to the line and they quickly run their play. It is really not a no-huddle but you are going to have to recognize things quickly. They are not going to walk to the line and give you time to settle in. They do a lot of unbalanced wing stuff, wing-slot type stuff with quick motions. They don’t run a lot of different play but they show you a bunch of different looks. They sprint to the line and try to get you lined up wrong. It is basically a deception type of thing. They do a good job of coming off of it and blocking behind it.”

Richardson said the Rams will have to quickly access the Golden Knights formation.

 “The No. 1 one thing we have to do is be able to recognize formations quickly and get lineup right,” Richardson said. “After that, it is going to be playing football. 

“If you are slow to get there and get lined up or you lineup incorrectly, it could be a long night defensively. They run the ball really well and they have a good running back, No. 21. We have to make sure we are lined up correctly and do a good job of talking him (Hollier).”

Colby Hollier along with Jackson Leboeuf and Jayden Derouen have combined for 1,521 yards and 13 touchdowns.

Westlake put a lot of pressure on Lake Charles College Prep’s run game last week with seven tackles for a loss and four sacks.

“We were able to get some pressure on the quarterback and had some big plays from special teams, blocking a couple of punts and giving us a short field,” Richardson said. “We hope that we can have that continue. 

“The biggest thing we have been lacking this year has been consistency. We finally got it for one full game and now we want to see if we can carry it from one week to the next.”