The Sulphur Tors will hit the road today in search of their first district win . 

The Tors have enjoyed a lot of success against the Comeaux Spartans and own the series 19-7. The Spartans are 2-4, but their record is deceptive. The Spartans are loaded with Division I talent. 

“They are really good,” Sulphur co-interim head coach Jean Paul Duhon said. “They are 2-4 but it is one of the best teams out there.

“They probably have five kids going to the next level. The receiver and probably one of the d-linemen may be SEC caliber. The other three kids are McNeese, ULL, Tulane type of kids.”

The most recognizable players on the Spartan roster is senior quarterback Tre’ Harris and junior wide receiver Malik Nabers.

Harris, who is committed to Louisiana Tech, has thrown for 859 yards and five touchdowns plus 376 yards and five scores on the ground. 

Nabers averages over 24 yards a catch with 29 for 700 yards and five touchdowns.

“You just try to contain him (Harris) and stop No. 13 (Nabers), who is the really good receiver,” Duhon said. “He is good. The wing-back supposedly runs a 4.4 40. The defense is going to have to step it up.”

The Spartans also have Jalon Lewis, Sharod Kelly and Eddie Flugence, who have 820 rushing yards and 12 touchdowns between them.

Comeaux has lost back-to-back games since opening district with a 41-33 win over Lafayette.

Sulphur’s offense has been on the upswing lately and a lot of that has to do the emergence of junior tailback D.J. Harris, who hit a career-high last week with 192 yards and two touchdowns. He started the playing wide receiver and cornerback.

“He was playing a little receiver at the beginning and we had McFarlain back there (offensive backfield),” Duhon said. “We needed help on our defensive side. We put him (Harris) over there (running back) and told him to do the best you can. He has really stepped it up and done a heck of a job for us.”

Sulphur’s offense had a season-high 35 points and 500 yards last week but is still looking to break a three-game slide.

“The offense is going to have to do a good job like they have done the last two week controlling the ball, running some clock and scoring some points,” Duhon said. “We had another good week of practice. 

“The kids are still enthusiastic. The kids are still upbeat the coaches are still coaching hard. Hopefully this week everybody does their jobs and we take care of business this week.”

The game marks the start of a tough stretch for the Tors. They will play three of their last four games on the road.

“It is not easy but we are used to it because we have been doing it so long,” Duhon said. “You have to travel and we have a pretty good routine, so it is not that big of a shock for our kids.”