Grambling-Louisiana Tech

Grambling and Louisiana Tech have never faced each other on the football field within Lincoln Parish. Content Exchange

RUSTON, La. - Football and sports in general is built on competition.

Louisiana Tech and Grambling are well aware of it's value as the football teams prepare to face off in Lincoln Parish for the first time ever.

"We both have our rivalry games that when the schedule goes up from a conference standpoint, you circle, 'okay these are those son of a guns last year, we're going to get even with them,'" LA Tech head coach Skip Holtz said of the Bulldogs' traditional matchups.

When GSU's Broderick Fobbs was asked about the parallel between Grambling and Southern he responded, "Well this has nothing to do with that team from the south. Nothing like that, I promise you that."

He added with a smile, "I don't even say that name, but this is a totally different deal. Trust me on that. That one is hate. That's just a joke though, we get along too down there."

Louisiana Tech and Grambling each have their rich traditions and both head coaches believe their game in will bring the communities closer together.

"Just to have Grambling and Louisiana Tech working hand in hand in the community is huge. It's big and that's something that's important for both institutions," Fobbs explained.

Holtz added, "The most important thing for me is the sportsmanship between the two programs, the two teams, but also the two communities."

It was reported by the Shreveport Times/News-Star in 2016 that Louisiana Tech is paying Grambling $300,000 to play in Ruston - which is normal for an FBS-FCS matchup - but if the rules allowed it, Fobbs and Holtz agree that a home-and-home series is ideal.

"I would vote for it, I mean I would vote it," Holtz exclaimed. "I learned a long time ago that coaches coach, players play and administrators administrate and scheduling is not always something that's not always on my plate, so I just play who they put in front of me, but I do. I think this game's got so many great things about it."

Fobbs said, "Being able to get on a bus and come two minutes up the road as opposed to getting on a plane or driving four and a half hours on a bus coming back, it kind of helps us.

"It helps us tremendously because not only does it help you for that week of preparation, but the next week's preparation it kind of affects that week as well."

While there is a sense of camaraderie leading up to September 7, Holtz said kickoff will flip a switch.

"I know this, when we put the ball on the tee and we're both going to have our sleeves rolled up and we're both going to be competing our tails off, both programs competing their tails off in that game and I think it'll be a very competitive football game."

The contest will also be the first regular season college football game to broadcast on the NFL Network. Game time is set for 2:30 p.m.

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