Devin White

Devin White poses for a picture with fans. Content Exchange

SHREVEPORT, La. - Devin White is a proud son of North Louisiana and while Springhill can claim his origin, Shreveport definitely showed love as he came to speak at the Walk On's Independence Bowl kickoff dinner.

"When this event came up I knew what all type of people was going to be here, (I said) count me in. If I got something on the schedule, clear it. That's what I told my agency. I was like I want to be there because I love these people.

"It's like an emotional connection with LSU fans. Just like the 'Free Devin White' thing, I will never forget that. It was good in a certain case because it showed how much love I had in state of Louisiana, but it was bad because I wasn't playing, but I just love LSU. Anything I can do for LSU and just be part of it and represent LSU with class, I want to do it."

When speaking about his roots in Springhill, White said, "We had a guy that came in, he spoke to all the team and he was like, 'This how many people play in high school, this how many people play college and this how many people go to the NFL,' with White's hands getting closer together with each category.

"A lot of people will take that be like well that's kind of something I don't want to do no more, but I took it like 'I'm going to be this amount that goes to the NFL' so I just want everybody to know that there's a lot of hardworking people the come through my small town."

White has a couple more weeks off before things kick into high gear as training camp begins for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers July 26.

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