Chief Wilrye

WESTLAKE — Westlake City Police began issuing e-citations on the morning of Tuesday, December 19, 12:01 at 12:01 a.m.

Police Chief Chris Wilrye told the Westlake City Council at its meeting Monday, Dec. 18, that the hand-held devices issued to patrolmen will save time, among other advantages over paper citations.

“I want to reiterate, there is no camera on Sampson St. photographing cars and emailing tickets,” he said, in reference to social media comments.

The e-citation system can be strapped to an armrest or fit in the saddle bag of a motorcycle officer. The device scans driver’s licenses, prints tickets, and takes photographs.

Information is transmitted to the court system and Wilrye said the ticketing process will be complete within 36 hours.

“Tickets are legible,” he said. “They go into the cloud network, and staff imports citations from the previous day.” The device can also scan newer vehicle registrations.