The president’s coronavirus task force warned the public that the next two weeks can be a rough stretch for all of the United States.

If Sunday’s grim numbers in Louisiana are any indication, that could be happening now in the bayou state. On Sunday, the Louisiana Department of Health reported the highest increase in deaths in a 24-hour period to date, with 68 deaths attributed COVID-19 in Louisiana since noon Saturday.

This comes after 60 deaths in a 24-hour period were reported Friday – the largest reported increase at the time.

The overall number of cases in the state slowed a bit, with the lowest number of new cases — 64 new confirmed cases since Saturday — bringing the total to 13,010.

Calcasieu Parish reported four new cases. The total of deaths remains at three.

The number of COVID-19 patients hospitalized in the state is 1,803 with 561 of those on ventilators. That's a reported increase of 96 patients hospitalized since noon Saturday and an increase of 26 of those on ventilators.

There have been 4,368 tests completed by the state lab and 55,957 commercial tests completed and reported to the state. This indicates the state has tested 331 people and there have been 6,349 commercial tests completed and reported to the state since noon Saturday.

Though the LDH daily update still reports cases in 61 of 64 parishes, Governor John Bel Edwards said in a news conference Thursday that there is no doubt there are cases in every parish in the state.

In New Orleans, the state’s hot spot, there have been 274 deaths attributed to COVID-19 in the metro area. Other cities showing increases in cases are Baton Rouge, Shreveport and Alexandria. On the western side of the state, the State of Texas has enacted checkpoints at the border from Louisiana to stop any cases of the virus into that state. Travelers going into Texas will be stopped and screened. Those from Louisiana will be forced to quarantine.