SPD Commendation

At the Monday night meeting of the Sulphur City Council, Ret. Col. James Jackson, center, expressed gratitude for the Sulphur Police Department’s “compassion and professionalism” when they responded to a recent tragedy in his family. He is pictured with, from left, SPD Victim Advocate Coordinator Rachel Craft, SPD Det. Jeremy Cain, SPD Chief Lewis Coats, and Mayor Mike Danahay.

A Sulphur resident expressed gratitude at the Monday night meeting of the Sulphur City Council, for the Sulphur Police Department’s “compassion and professionalism” when responding to a recent tragedy.

“We as a community are quick to condemn our law enforcement when there are problems,” Ret. Col. James Jackson said. “But we really need to remember why they are there.” Jackson said during the recent loss of his 27-year-old grandson to suicide, Chief Lewis Coats and his department, “made our crisis and loss a little easier to bear.”

In other news, the Council heard an introduction of a resolution to amend an agreement with the Sulphur Parks and Recreation Board. Under the current agreement, the costs of operating and maintaining the wireless internet equipment and security cameras adjacent to the Pavilion in Heritage Square are covered by a 60/40 split, with the City bearing 40 percent of the responsibility.

Mayor Mike Danahay said the amendment will give SPAR responsibility for the maintenance and operation and provide the internet connectivity of the servers and the City will cover the costs or repair, upgrade, and maintenance. “The City’s reimbursement (to SPAR) shall be limited to 40 percent of total cost of the project,” he said. If costs go above the agreed upon 40 percent, SPAR must obtain pre-approval before initiating any work.

The Council also heard an introduction to amend the ordinance regarding water fee delinquency and reconnection. Danahay said the current ordinance does not allow for any penalties when customers cut the locks installed by the city to continue using water with a delinquent account. The amendment would insert a $100 penalty for that action on top the existing $30 reconnection fee.

All introductions will be decided at the next council meeting.

The Council authorized the administration to seek bids for a signalization improvement project on Cypress Street at its intersections with Kent, Maple, and Loretta streets. The upgrade will include video detection to allow the signals adjust themselves to traffic flow.

Also, the Council authorized the Mayor to seek a grant from the state for the continued funding of mobile radar signs currently deployed throughout the city, as well as state funding for laptops.

All introductions will be decided at the next meeting of the Sulphur City Council at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 9 in Council Chambers at 500 N. Huntington St.