speed humps

Employees with the City of Sulphur install a speed hump made of recycled rubber tires on Stelly Lane near West Calcaiseu Cameron Hospital.

City employees installed the first speed humps to be used in Sulphur on Stelly Lane, which runs alongside West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital, Tuesday.

The rubber humps composed of recycled tires, are approximately 18-feet long, 3 inches tall, and about 36 inches wide.

Plans are to install them on Koonce Road, which runs behind the hospital. The Sulphur City Council approved Sulphur Police Chief Lewis Coats’ request for the devices at their March meeting.

Coats said the request was in repines to complaints from pedestrians that vehicles travel the two roads at high rates of speed.

At the March council meeting, Coats said he is hoping to partner with the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury to conduct a traffic study on the two roads after both installations are complete. A traffic trailer was in use for several weeks near these two roads and Coats said the speed, date, and time of passing vehicles was recorded and will provide a comparison to data collected after installation. “So we can see if these work or if they’re a big waste of money,” he said.