On Trial

A jury questionnaire for the capital murder trial of Kevin Daigle, 55, was finalized Monday in state district court.

Daigle, charged with the Aug. 2015 first-degree murder of state trooper Steven Vincent, 44, near Bell City, is set to go on trial March 13, 2017. Prosecutors are expected to seek the death penalty against him.

Jurors will be chosen in Bossier City and brought to Lake Charles for the trial. The change of venue for jury selection had been granted on July 11.

Prosecutors on Monday objected to 17 additional questions the defense added to the questionnaire about the capital punishment. They stated that the depth of the questions was “not appropriate.”

The defense responded that the questions were a “good starting point” for prospective jurors to think about the death penalty before being asked in court.

Judge Guy Bradberry adopted the questionnaire but replaced the defense’s additional capital punishment questions with ones relating to the death penalty from the Louisiana Capital Case Bench Book, which he said is “fundamentally sound.”

Bradberry asked the attorneys if there were any other issues needing to be addressed.

Defense attorneys stated that an out-of-state expert was set to evaluate Daigle last week but could not due to the state’s requirement that he have a Louisiana license. The attorneys stated that they are “working overtime” to get the problem resolved.

Bradberry asked the defense why they could not utilize an in-state expert. They said it is difficult to get one in Louisiana to work on a capital case.

Bradberry informed Daigle’s attorneys that he expects a detailed account of their efforts when all parties next meet on Jan. 6, 2017.