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A 37-year-old Houston man accused of stabbing a woman and cutting her throat in Westlake has pleaded guilty to amended charges.

Noble Washington was arrested Feb. 3, 2015, after officers responding to the report of a stabbing had to stop him from jumping off a seventh floor hotel room balcony at the Isle of Capri, authorities said.

Westlake Police Chief Chris Wilrye said a stun gun was used to subdue Washington after he tried to push the officers off the balcony. The victim, who was found inside the room, survived the attack.

Washington was charged with attempted second-degree murder, resisting an officer, domestic abuse battery, false imprisonment with a weapon and obstruction of justice.

On Jan. 17, Washington pleaded guilty to an amended charge of attempted manslaughter and resisting an officer with force or violence, according to the Calcasieu Parish District Attorney’s Office. The remaining charges were rejected.

He was sentenced to serve concurrent terms of 15 years for the attempted manslaughter charge and three years for the resisting charge, with credit for time served since his arrest.

The court also recommended that Washington be considered for substance abuse treatment and education programs while incarcerated, as well as be transferred to a facility near his family in Texas.