Coronavirus cases in Louisiana are approaching 15,000 as of noon Monday, while the death toll has reached 500.

As of April 6, the Louisiana Department of Health reported a total of 14,687 positive cases of COVID-19 in the state. This is an increase of 1,857 cases in a 24-hour period.

The LDH reported a total of 512 deaths, up 35 from Sunday. Calcasieu Parish experienced an increase of 20 confirmed cases to 159. There were no deaths reported for the parish overnight.

The LDH reported some encouraging news with regard to hospitalizations. The number of patients hospitalized increased by only six and the the number of those requiring a ventilator increased by only three.

There have been 4,510 tests completed by the state lab and 64,656 commercial tests completed and reported to the state. This indicates the state has tested 142 people and there have been 8,699 commercial tests completed and reported to the state since noon Sunday.

The number of parishes with reported COVID-19 cases has increased by one to 62 of the state's 64 parishes, though officials report they are confident that there are COVID-19 cases in every parish. The only two parishes not to report a case thus far are Cameron and Tensas. Metro New Orleans remains the hotspot in the state with over 8,000 confirmed cases and 292 deaths in Orleans and Jefferson parishes.