SFD update

Sulphur Fire Chief Dan Selph gives the Sulphur City Council and Administration — including Mayor Mike Danahay (left) — an update on the City’s fire insurance rating at a meeting Monday.

In a presentation on the City’s fire rating, Sulphur Fire Chief Dan Selph explained that individual properties can have a different fire rating than that of the city in which they are located.

At a Monday night meeting, Selph told members of the City Council and Administration that this may be something they will be asked about by Sulphur residents.

“You’re going to have people in your district come to you and say, ‘Hey, I thought we were a (Class) 2, and I’m paying insurance for a Class 7.’ And that happens in the City limits of Sulphur,” he explained.

Selph said properties within the jurisdiction will be selected by the Property Insurance Association of Louisiana, PIAL, and given a separate rating based on their construction, location, and other factors. Individual property ratings have no effect on the fire department’s overall rating.

Individual structures must meet two criteria to receive the citywide rating:

The structure must be within seven driven road miles of a recognized fire station with that rating

The structure must be within 1,000 feet of a fire hydrant, unless the fire department is recognized with a water hauling credit, which the SFD is not.

There are currently nine locations in Sulphur with a rating lower than Class 2.

• 330 Arena Road, Holiday Inn Hotel — Class 4

• 2009 Ruth, St. Starlin Lumber Co. storage — Class 7

• 716 East Napoleon, former News Leader Newspaper Office — Class 6

• 320 Cities Service Hwy., Quality Inn Hotel and Suites — Class 5

• 102 Mallard St., Holiday Inn Express Hotel — Class 5

• 2505 Hwy. 108, Comfort Suites Hotel — Class 7

• 541-65 North Cities Service Hwy., H&R Block, China Wok, Dollar Tree, Wireless Warehouse, Cato, Title & Payday Loans, Game Stop — Class 4.

“I feel very confident that we can provide Class 2 service to those locations,” said Selph.

The chief said the ratings are primarily the result of a lack of sufficient water pressure in the hydrants located near the establishments. Selph said in the event of a fire, a pumper truck is located at the hydrant to boost the pressure.

“We are making a lot of improvements to that water infrastructure now,” he said.