Police car

DeQuincy’s police chief on Thursday said that his department will not tolerate criminal activity “no matter where it comes from” following the recent arrest of his daughter after an intensive four-month long narcotics investigation.

“No matter who you are, we have a job to do and are sworn to do it as hard as it may be when family is involved,” said Chief Michael Suchanek.

DeQuincy police arrested Kendra Suchanek, 27, on April 19 and charged her with three counts of drug possession with intent to distribute and two counts of drug use around a minor. Police state that she was in possession of methamphetamine, synthetic marijuana and prescription drugs and that she was associated with the five other suspects arrested that day.

Mayor Lawrence Henagan said that before Kendra Suchanek’s arrest, there had been “rumors on the street” of her criminal activities. He said that some people believed that he or the chief were covering for her or giving her special treatment.

“A lot of times the general public doesn’t realize how long it takes to do an investigation, to get charges that will stick. It takes a lot of time and a lot of money. The city spent several thousands of dollars on this investigation,” he said.

Henagan said that he found it frustrating when people would tell him that he wasn’t doing anything about the drug problem. “And you know you are. You just can’t say anything,” he said.

Henagan said that Kendra Suchanek’s case is expected to be handled like any other and that she is also “under investigation for some parish charges that should be forthcoming. We don’t expect any special treatment. She is just like anybody else,” he said.   

Chief Suchanek said that the officers involved in the investigation and subsequent arrests did a phenomenal job. “They did what they had to do,” he said.

Kendra Suchanek remains in custody at the Calcasieu Correctional Center on a $135,000 bond.