City Hall

Relief is coming soon for residents experiencing brown water in the western part of the city.

At the Monday night meeting of the Sulphur City Council, Mayor Mike Danahay reported that the city has received contracts for the filter media that will be installed on all eight filtration tanks at the Verdine Water Plant, located at 119 Verdine St.

Over decades of deferred maintenance, the filter media degraded and became unable to filter the high levels of iron. Nationwide stay at home orders halted the city’s efforts to get the process moving back in late March.

In other news, the council opposed a request for a variance from Johnny Myers, at 201 Michigan Ave., to allow for a chicken enclosure to be located 7.5 feet from the east and west property lines, rather than the required 50 feet.

Myers addressed the council, noting that none of his neighbors had an issue with the chickens. He was told that similar requests had been made and rejected by the council. There was some discussion as to the odor of chickens versus the odor of pigs. A pig — kept as a pet — got loose in a neighborhood once, and was referred to in the discussion. However, the perceived better odor of the chickens relative to that of pigs did not sway the council.

The council accepted the introduction of an ordinance to amend and re-adopt the general fund budget for the current fiscal year. Finance Director Jennifer Thorn told the council the amendment is “simply housekeeping.”

She said, by law, if revenues or expenses are higher or lower by 5 percent than projected by the budget, the budget has to be adjusted to bring it back within the 5 percent range. Given the loss of revenue from statewide stay at home orders, Danahay projected last month that adjustments would need to be made.

The council also accepted the introduction of an ordinance accepting an agreement with Fifth Wheel Conoco, located at 500 N. Beglis Parkway, for fuel and supplies needed during a natural disaster.

The next meeting of the Sulphur City Council will be at 5:30 p.m. Monday, July 13, in Council chambers at 55 N. Huntington St.