In an already tight market, hurricanes that hit Southwest Louisiana in 2020 created even more housing shortages in Southwest Louisiana.

In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Laura, lodging was needed for the many utility crews called in to repair storm damage. Custom Touch Village, located at 1207 Ravia Road, off Beglis Parkway, was able to address that need.

Melissa Buchanan, business development director, said the company is now providing homes for the many contractors still in the area as well as families displaced by the hurricanes. She said the company is a hybrid between an apartment complex and a hotel.

Rental costs depend upon floor plans and payments can be made on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Units are furnished, housekeeping is provided, and all utilities are included in the rent. At this time wifi is only available in some areas until storm damage repairs are complete.

“We’re concentrated on providing a good quality of life for all our residents,” said Buchanan. “We take the headache out of housing.”

Buchanan said the Village, which is a small community of rental properties, is the first phase of their business plan, which is to address immediate needs. She said the company is licensed to build single family homes in Louisiana and are looking at projects in the area.

The company is headquartered in South Dakota, where, during inclement weather, they produce modular home components in a huge facility.

“We started out in the single-family home business and have branched out,” she said. Custom Touch Village, around for eight years now, is a division of Custom Touch Homes. They have had contracts in Louisiana, Texas, Georgia and New Mexico.

For more information, email, call 337-936-2338 or visit

Buchanan also welcomes anyone interested to visit their Ravia Road location during business hours.