Students in Nichole Trahan’s fifth grade class at Our Lady’s School were crestfallen Monday after returning to their classroom to find an “antique” cookie jar smashed on the floor, along with all the cookies they had been promised.

A Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office deputy, detectives and members of the Forensic Investigative Unit responded to the 9-1-1 call from Principal Linda Portie. Upon their arrival, they discovered shards of the broken jar, some with blood on them; cookies (which had been on the floor longer than the three-second rule), and an apology note and half-eaten cookie left by the surprisingly polite intruder. The note read, “I’m sorry I broke your cookie jar. Cookies were wonderful.”

CPSO Det. Broussard told the children the culprit would likely be charged with burglary and theft.

Samples were taken, along with tape from the school’s security cameras. The students later learned the incident was staged as an introduction to their upcoming 12-week forensics curriculum.

The course will cover handwriting analysis, ink chromatography, toxicology, fiber, hair and pollen analysis; forensic dentistry, blood typing, fingerprint analysis, DNA, questioning suspects and using evidence to come to a conclusion.