City of Westlake

WESTLAKE — Depending on the outcome of the Louisiana Legislature’s upcoming special session, Westlake stands to receive state funding for a fast-fill compressed natural gas station.

At the Monday night Westlake Council meeting, engineer Vernon Meyer reported that there is $1.8 million in Priority 5 funding and $300,000 in Priority 2. Mayor Bob Hardey said the project is currently scheduled to kick off in 2019.

Architect Barry King reported the Council that the framing is near completion for the Chief Jim “Hawk” Herford Emergency Response Center and Police Station at 2405 Guillory St. He also said bids for the National Golf Course maintenance building will be let Friday, June 1.

Financial Director Jerry Miller told the Council that the City is “doing really well.” He said that for the first time, each department will be able to carry over any reserves in their department to the next fiscal year. He said the funding can be placed in a rainy day fund or used to purchase equipment.

In other news, the Council approved an agreement with the CPPJ to the jointly fund the storm proofing of the Westlake Fire Department headquarters on Guillory St. The City’s portion will be $26,125. CPPJ will disburse federal funding to cover the rest.

The Council also approved:

• An agreement with the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury for financial assistance in purchasing crowd control barricades. The City will pay $2,880;

• An agreement with the Department of Transportation and Development to receive reclaimed asphalt for use in street repairs; and

• A resolution appointing Mayor Hardey as a director for the Louisiana Community Development Authority.