press conference police chase

Sulphur Police Chief Lewis Coats (at the podium) is flanked by Sulphur Mayor Chris Duncan and Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Tony Mancuso (right) during a press conference Thursday updated the public on the crime spree of an Alabama man that ended with the suspect being shot by a SPD officer.

A crime spree that began in Texas on Tuesday ended in the back yard of a Carlyss residence Wednesday, when a Sulphur Police officer shot an Alabama man brandishing a shotgun.

Cody Glenn Light, of Arab, Ala., is currently in stable condition in a guarded room at a local hospital, recovering from a gunshot wound to the neck.

“We got a bad guy off the streets yesterday,” Sulphur Police Chief Lewis Coats said Thursday during a press conference.

Coats presented a timeline of vehicle thefts and home invasions to which the full might of the Sulphur Police Department and Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office was brought to bear.

According to Coats Light, “was a man on the run, with nothing to lose.” After firing a weapon at Alabama law enforcement responding to a vehicle theft, Light made his way to Vidor, Texas, where on Tuesday he stole an unlocked black 2004 Chevy pickup truck from a job site, after finding the keys on the floor board.

CPSO received a call the next morning in regard to the theft of a shotgun from a business on Joe Courville Road in Vinton. Law enforcement issued a BOLO for a black pickup truck at that time.

At around 2 p.m., Wednesday, the SPD received a call from a woman on Shasta Street reporting that a white male pulled into her driveway, in a black pickup truck with an extended cab, made “sexual remarks,” and drove away. Coats said the woman was alarmed enough to contact authorities.

Over the next few hours, the SPD received calls from concerned citizens reporting:

• 2:16 p.m. A white make on a bicycle with a shotgun on Carr Lane, east of Beglis Parkway, behind the AutoZone. The Calcasieu Parish School Board’s Risk Management Office was contacted and W.W. Lewis, Our Lady’s School, and the Sulphur Regional Library were placed on lockdown.

• 2:19 p.m. A male enters wooded area with a shotgun.

“We saturated the area,” said Coats. “We knew this wasn’t going to end well.”

As officers are assembled along the perimeter of the woods, a call comes in reporting a black truck in a canal at the dead end of Roxanne Street.

 “We don’t know what we have. All we know is there’s a guy with a gun near the school,” said Coats. “We’re on high alert.” The truck, bearing switched tags from Alabama, was confirmed stolen. The search for the armed man continues.

• 2:30 p.m. A white male enters a home on Texas Street and confronts an elderly couple with the shotgun, demanding their car keys. The woman runs to get two guns, hands one to her husband, and they refuse to surrender their keys. He gets away with prescription medication, but is still on foot.

• Between 2:40 and 3:11 p.m., an ATV is stolen from Texas Street and abandoned in the 1200 block of Georgia.

• 3:11 p.m. Suspect breaks into a residence in 1200 block of Georgia Street and threatens the resident and her two children with the shotgun. He takes the keys to her SUV. Officers are able to locate Light at this point and began pursuit on Royal Oak Road. Light drives through yards on Division Street and later through the fence and gates at McMurry Park.

• 3:15 p.m. Light crashes at the intersection of Hazel and Weil streets. He is again on foot and is reported to be wielding the shotgun at motorists on Interstate-10.

• 3:18 p.m. Light steals a vehicle south of Interstate-10, at milepost 23, by the old BFI offices.

• 3:24 p.m. Police are able to begin tracking Light via an iPad in the most recent stolen vehicle. He is pursued on Highway 27 to the South Park Trailer Park, where he drives through yards on Wade Street.

• 3:33 p.m. Light crashes and abandons the vehicle behind a residence on Tara Street in Carlyss and flees on foot.

“Witnesses pointed us in his direction and we saw him running from one house to another,” said Coats. The Chief said an officer was set up in a driveway when he was spotted in a back yard. “We set up a tight perimeter on him. The officer saw he had a gun, gave the appropriate commands, he raised the gun, and the officer defended himself.”

Officers immediately began to administer first aid, secured the scene, and called Acadian Ambulance.

The SPD contacted the Louisiana State Police Bureau of Investigations to conduct a standard Officer Involved Shooting investigation. Fingerprints revealed Light’s identity, as well as warrants pending in Alabama for a shooting and other charges.

“He has a lengthy, lengthy criminal record,” said Coats. “He is not a good guy.”

Sulphur Mayor Chris Duncan said he has been asked by several people why a robocall wasn’t sent out to residents during the pursuit of Light. He noted that the events occurred over a wide area.

“We hear a lot about what’s going on here with the growth and expansion,” said Duncan. “But this guy wasn’t part of our community. He was from Alabama, via Texas. Our law enforcement, whether it be the Sheriff’s, the state, the City’s, they work hard to get these criminals off the street.”

Sheriff Tony Mancuso praised all law enforcement personnel involved for doing “an awesome job.”

“Thank God no citizen or officer was hurt,” he said. “The suspect dictated what happened to him.”

Officers were commended by Jacob Johnson with the Calcasieu Parish District Attorney’s Office who said that DA John DeRosier will be prosecuting Light.

Sgt. James Anderson, of the Louisiana State Police, also commended the officers for their “outstanding teamwork.”