Subhi Nahas has tread a difficult path to asylum. Outed as a gay man in his native Syria, Nahas was forced to leave his family and friends behind in 2012. Now as an LGBT activist who works with the Organization for Refuge, Asylum & Migration, Nahas pulls from his own experiences to help …

Earth had three of a kind in hand last month: It was the fourth warmest May, the fourth warmest March–May period and the fourth warmest year to date on record for the globe, NOAA reported Monday.

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Rain Dove walks the runway gender bending in both menswear and womenswear. However, the activist/model cares less about clothes and more about redefining the notion of "him" and "her."

Astronaut Peggy Whitson, the first female commander of the International Space Station and the record holder for most time in space by an American, has retired from NASA.  Her last day was Friday.

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Ready for another adventure. Travel with us to Kenya where we meet explorers, innovators and trailblazers building the future. We meet a dream team saving Kenya's wild animals, sing along with a country music star and meet a mother passing on her strength to her daughter.

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Along the scenic Lijiang River in China, brothers Huang Yuechang and Huang Mingde have been keeping up a centuries-old tradition of fishing with cormorant birds. Forgoing nets and modern fishing poles, these brothers have cultivated relationships with their birds in a way that’s found them s…