Food Donations

Pastor Jay Lawson with the Open Door Biker Church on Burton Street in Sulphur, told the Daily News Wednesday that the church is running low on food.

Over the past couple of months, the number of those the church feeds daily has almost doubled. Lawson said their supply of meats and dry goods, with the exception of rice, is running low. Lately, they are serving 50 hot meals a day. “We’re seeing more people come in, mostly to get warm,” said Lawson.

Though he isn’t sure exactly where, he said he is aware of people living in the wooded areas along the railroad tracks. Living outside at anytime of year can be unpleasant. It is potentially deadly for those  outside this winter. Temperatures in Sulphur have dipped into the teens and 20s in the past week.

Recently, major cities like Houston and New Orleans have reported deaths of homeless people, due to exposure to the cold.

There is also a need for clothing at the church. Lawson said there are currently eight men living onsite with him, completing the church’s drug/alcohol program. He said he has been unable to find thermal underwear for them. Other badly needed items include winter gear, like coats, blankets, gloves, and sleeping bags. The church has only a few sleeping bags left.

There continues to be a need for socks and underwear for men. Cash donations are always welcome as well.

The church is located at 423 E. Burton St. Pastor Lawson can be reached at 337-888-3126.