Open Door Church

The temperature has dipped sharply in the last few days, perhaps bringing a feeling of gratitude to those sheltered from the cold.

For the homeless, of which there are many in Sulphur and outlying areas, the colder weather is just one more hardship they face in their daily struggle to survive.

The Open Door Biker Church, at 423 E. Burton St., offers hot meals and other survival supplies daily for those who are homeless or just down on their luck.

Pastor Jay Lawson told said during the months of September and October, the church served 777 free lunches and distributed 136 food boxes to feed more than 185 people. “So far this month, we’ve served 218 lunches and distributed 16 food boxes,” he said.

But those numbers don’t tell the whole story. Lawson said that during and after the flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey, the church distributed several food boxes, cleaning supplies, and clothes to storm victims daily. “We didn’t keep track of it,” he said.

The church also sent three U-Haul truckloads of clothes, personal care products, cleaning supplies and food to other shelters and delivered more than 1,000 cooked meals in just one day to evacuees staying in local hotels and motels.

“All that weighed heavy on our supplies,” said Lawson. “God provided and we never ran out.”

The pastor expressed gratitude to the local community for the donations given. “If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t be able to do our part,” he said.

Lawson said with Thanksgiving rapidly approaching and Christmas on its heels, the church is seeking donations of turkeys, hams, hens, cranberry sauce, stuffing, vegetables, and anything else to round out the family meals they will be serving.

Also, the church is always in need of monetary donations and donations of items like canned vegetables, pasta, spaghetti sauce, Ramen noodles, snacks, cereal and meat like chicken, sausage, and hamburger. Though large packages are fine, small packs or preferred. Otherwise the meat must be divided into plastic bags for distribution.

Now that hunting season is open, it is a good time to clean out freezers to make room for new bounty.

Pastor Lawson urged residents to be safe during the holidays. “Remember this Thanksgiving to be thankful for all that you have,” he said. “Remember the true meaning of Christmas and what it is about, and love your neighbor as you love yourself.”

For more information, call 337-888-3126.