health and kitchens

A new kitchen can lead to a healthier lifestyle, according to the 2017 Houzz Kitchen Trends Survey.

A third of homeowners report leading a healthier lifestyle after a kitchen renovation, from eating more fruits and vegetables to preparing more meals at home, to ordering less takeout. After a kitchen renovation, just over three-quarters of respondents said they cook five or more meals at home each week.

To find out how rehabbing a kitchen can lead to healthier behaviors, Jim Drury, co-owner and studio manager of Drury Design in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, offered some advice.

Q: What are homeowners looking for when redesigning a kitchen?

A: The goal of contemporary kitchen design and renovation is to expand the space for a larger living area to accommodate more frequent family gatherings, Drury said: “Taking down walls to expand the kitchen into adjacent rooms creates new kitchen ‘living areas’ and fun, modern-feeling spaces, making being together more pleasant and frequent.”

Q: What’s one way to encourage home cooking?

A: “Creating dine-in areas with seating when kitchen-remodeling makes the whole cooking-at-home experience more conducive to at-home dining as well.”

Q: What’s trending now in healthy-living kitchen design?

A: “Modern, time-saving appliances encourage more healthy behaviors. A whole host of new appliances — steam ovens, modern food-saving refrigeration, speed ovens, cooking equipment with remote access and preprogrammed recipes — encourage home cooking and better decisions about what is being served.”

Q: Does kitchen design reflect the life we want to live?

A: “In general, homeowners renovate their kitchens because they want more out of their home and family life. That in and of itself often prompts people to look at the way they live and often make changes. And, who doesn’t want to spend more time in a beautiful new space in their home?”