Mayor Chris Duncan has announced that citizens are encouraged to consider city recycling facilities when disposing of Christmas wrapping paper and cardboard boxes. Recycling centers can be found at the following locations:

• Eastside Fire Station on Maplewood Drive

• Southside Fire Station on Darbonne Street

• Behind City Hall on Huntington Street.

Accepted cardboard and paper products include corrugated cardboard boxes, magazines, office paper of all colors, newspapers, paperboard (cereal boxes), paper cardboard dairy and juice cartons, unsolicited direct mail (including window envelopes), and phone books.

This DOES NOT include waxed paper, food-contaminated paper, or paper containing metal, such as stapled paper. Non-recyclable materials left at recycling centers are classified as litter. Contaminating bins with non-recyclable products can be considered a criminal offense. Any items left on the ground and not put inside a recycling dumpster are also classified as litter.

For a full list of accepted recyclable materials, please visit