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For more than 100 years, the crossword puzzle has been on the most popular and widespread word game in the world. The popular game first appeared in England in the 19th century, but the first known published crossword puzzle was created by journalist Arthur Wynne and appeared in the New York World newspaper on Dec. 21, 1913.

Crossword puzzles have long been a way to pass the time or a way to keep your mind sharp, but you no longer have to wait for the newspaper to show up on your door step to play. In honor of National Crossword Day on Dec. 21, here are some apps you can use to get your word puzzle fix.

Crossword: This app allows users to solve thousands of clues along with completing quests and collecting trophies. Crossword features more than 7,000 clues and 361 individual puzzles. The puzzles are hand-crafted grids and include secrets and challenges. There are 45 trophies to collect  and 10 achievements to unlock. Cost: Free to download to iOS and Android. Find it:

Crossword Quiz: The Crossword Quiz app is a modern twist on the classic game.

The games feature three types of clues: Word descriptions, emoji combinations and photos. The app combines visual, word and critical thinking skills to test your mind. If you end up stuck on a puzzle, users can use earned coins to uncover hints. Cost: Free to download to iOS and Android. Find it: For iOS

For Android

Crossword Champ: The Crossword Champ app aims to make brain training fun with the ability for users to learn new words and facts on broad topics. Users can solve daily puzzles, get hints and use a point system to help solve puzzles, weekly competitions and an active international community. Users can challenge friends in weekly puzzle competitions and also see the results of your friends playing on different puzzles. Cost: Free to download to iOS and Android. Find it:

Penny Dell Crosswords: This app features daily crosswords from Penny Press and Dell Magazines. The crossword puzzles, clues and solutions are from the expert editorial team at Dell Magazines and Penny Press, which are the no. 1 crossword puzzle magazine publishers. Users can play medium and hard clue puzzles. The app also features the ability to get hints, a pen/pencil option to show your confidence in your answers and customizability through the multiple settings options. Cost: Free to download to iOS and Android. Find it:

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Detour: If you’ve ever been walking around a place you’ve never been and are curious about your surroundings and what you’re looking at, the Detour app can enhance your exploring experience. The Detour app features immersive audio walks that guide you through world’s interesting places. The app uses location-aware technology to keep the narrator in sync with your location and features the ability to sync Detour with friends for a shared experience. Detour is currently available in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin, London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona and Marrakech. Cost: Free to download to iOS and Android. Find it: