bigfoot cast

Researchers from the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization have made a cast of what Brandon Latimer thinks is a Bigfoot print on his family’s farm near the Sabine River.

Brandon Latimer, a safety professional living in the Many-Zwolle area said he has found tracks, claw marks and other indications that Bigfoot may possibly live near his family’s property.

His findings will be the topic of an upcoming Killing Bigfoot episode on the Destination America channel, the second program on the channel to feature Latimer.

Latimer spent the summers of his youth in Sulphur with his late father Clyde Latimer, a retiree from Citgo. He told the Southwest Daily News that he, along with stepfather Harold Dyess, mother Hazel Dyess, and brother Russell Dyess, will be featured on the program set for 9 a.m. Saturday, February 11.

The Dyess family has heard screaming at night and found huge, unidentified animal tracks on their 5,000 acre wooded farm in the Sabine River area.

The episode will feature current members of the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization, as well as an old member, Dr. Webb Sentell, a neuropsychologist who has split with the group over whether or not Bigfoot should be killed or captured for study.

Latimer said agents from the Department of Wildlife Management have visited the site of the tracks, but didn’t give much credence to Bigfoot being the cause. “They were kind of cocky,” said Latimer. “But they agreed it was weird-looking. You could tell they’d never seen anything like it and they didn’t know what made them.”

In October of 2014, Latimer reported to local media that he and his stepfather found a tree that appeared to have been clawed by  a very large animal, right next to a tree, bent in half, seemingly by something strong. Since then, the family has continued to hear howling and the sound of something being slammed against wood intermittently.

He also said that while in the woods, standing near his truck, something has been thrown at him. The family has put up cameras around the property in the hope of catching footage of the creature’s shenanigans.

For more information about the program visit www.destinationamerica.